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Mindemoya Dental Centre offers our patients and their families a great dental care experience, from routine oral exams and dental hygiene appointments to less routine root canals and tooth extractions. We focus on providing preventative dental services that aim to protect your teeth and overall oral health now and well into the future. In our eyes, a healthy smile is a well-maintained smile!

Dentist in Mindemoya providing General dentistry services to patient

Oral Cancer Screening

Although we will focus on the teeth and supporting structures during a dental examination, we also examine the soft tissue of the mouth to look for irregularities that may indicate various types of oral cancers. Continuous screening can help our patients who are diagnosed with oral cancer get access to treatment quickly, which often results in better outcomes. Our goal is to provide patients with the ability to obtain an early diagnosis by always keeping an eye on your overall oral health.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can be applied to protect the teeth from tooth decay. The material is a clear plastic coating that can’t be seen or felt but offers protection in two ways: First, it “seals” the tooth, adding an extra layer of durable protective material to the tooth enamel. Second, it creates a smoother surface for rougher areas of the teeth, such as the pits and fissures of the molars and premolars. This makes reaching areas with a toothbrush and other dental hygiene tools easier.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Our office is pleased to be fully equipped with digital dental x-ray technology. Digital x-rays offer us the ability to quickly and effectively scan your mouth, teeth, jaw, and head to obtain detailed information about your oral health. The images are then transferred directly to a screen to be viewed by your dentist and assessed. We use the information gathered from x-rays to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases, conditions, and irregularities in the teeth and mouth. All of this can be achieved with very minimal amounts of radiation and in no time at all!

Oral Exams & New Patient Exams

Routine oral examinations ensure that our dental team stays fully up to date on changes to your oral health. Each time you come in for your oral exam, we will look carefully at your teeth and mouth and note any changes from your last appointment. Depending on your overall health and whether you have specific concerns, we will use a combination of various types of dental technology and techniques to assess your oral health. Then, our dental team will describe our findings plainly and suggest potential routes forward, providing you with everything you need to make decisions about your dental treatments, habits, and routines.

Patient and Hygienist discussing treatment at a Dentist in Mindemoya

Dental Hygiene Appointments

Regular visits to our dental hygienists in Mindemoya are just one way we can protect your teeth and gums from a variety of oral diseases, including periodontal (gum) disease and cavities caused by dental caries (tooth decay). You can always expect your dental hygiene appointment at Mindemoya Dental Centre to be thorough and comfortable. Once we have assessed your oral health, we can provide a wide variety of dental treatments and methods to leave you with a clean, fresh, and fully protected mouth.

Root Canals

Although our dental team does everything we can to protect the teeth from infection, there are some cases when we need to transition from prevention to dental treatment. If you have an infected tooth, you will likely experience a sudden onset of severe pain in your infected tooth or gums. When this happens, be sure to call our dental clinic on Manitoulin Island right away to book an appointment for an examination and a potential root canal. We can offer root canals directly in our office, clearing out the infected area of a tooth and restoring it to its natural glory!

Teeth Extractions

Every tooth makes a difference in your bite, but not all of the teeth can last a lifetime. When disease, injury, or infection make it necessary, our dentists can remove your teeth simply and quickly, keeping you comfortable throughout your appointment. The process is far gentler than most people expect and often leads to a sense of relief. We will also discuss restorative options for the empty socket(s) with you to ensure that the rest of your smile stays intact once your tooth has been safely removed.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are hoping to achieve a more beautiful smile, the Mindemoya Dental Centre team is here to help! We have a long history of creating brilliant, even smiles on Manitoulin Island using modern cosmetic dentistry techniques. These techniques allow us to achieve more with less; in other words, we can create a seamlessly beautiful smile without major interventions, which helps you maintain great oral health, save time and money, and worry less about your smile in the future.

Patient and Dentist in Mindemoya discussing Dental crown placement

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns offer our team the opportunity to craft natural-looking false teeth from strong dental materials. Dental crowns are pontics (false teeth) that are most often attached over the top of a natural tooth. The natural tooth is prepared by our dentists, who remove some of the hard outer tissue to make room for the crown. Then, we send detailed digital dental moulds to a laboratory to have your custom crowns created. At your next appointment, we will place your crowns and secure them using high-quality dental materials designed to help your crowns last for many years.

At Home Whitening

At-home whitening requires purchasing a peroxide-based bleaching solution from your dentist or pharmacist. These solutions bleach the tooth enamel. They usually come in a carbamide peroxide gel form along with a mouth guard. Place the gel into the mouth guard and use as directed. The duration and frequency of the treatment varies. Some solutions require overnight use for a shorter period of time; others require twice-daily treatment for a longer period. Cambie Marine Dental will help you decide on the duration and intensity of treatment best suited to your needs.

Both in-office and at-home bleaching products change the colour of your teeth by oxidization. The hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide breaks down into water and a radical or compound constituent. The radical attaches itself to stain molecules and weakens them allowing oxygen to reach and whiten your tooth enamel.

Teeth whitening is a safe and popular form of cosmetic dentistry. According to the American Dental Association 96% of users report a whiter smile. Dentists warn though that teeth whitening is not for everyone. Tooth-coloured fillings for example do not respond to bleach and will stand out against a newly whitened smile. Before you begin a treatment talk to us about your specific needs. Together we will determine if teeth whitening is the best option for you.


Updating and upgrading your smile can be very straightforward when we place veneers on the outermost surfaces of your front teeth. Veneers are extremely thin shells that mimic the look of the front teeth. They’re made from durable dental materials and can last many years with good oral hygiene care. They also allow our dental team a great deal of flexibility; we can use them to change everything from the shape and length of the teeth to their colour and spacing. If you have been dreaming of a glamourous smile, it might be time to make a big change with several small but impactful cosmetic restorations.

GLO Whitening

There are many teeth whitening products on the market, but the benefit of GLO Science is that it is the only dentist-invented technology on the market. You can experience the effectiveness of GLO teeth whitening products by either sitting in the dental chair and having your dentist whiten your teeth for you or performing the GLO Science treatments at home.

How Does GLO Science Teeth Whitening Work?

GLO Science uses gentle heat and blue LED light to activate the advanced effects of the whitening gel. The process uses the patented vVARDIS Enamel serum, which provides exceptional whitening while strengthening the tooth enamel and protecting it from future stains. The system provides gentle results with visible whitening effects within five to seven days.

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Restorative Dentistry

Missing or damaged teeth can become an issue for patients of any age. The teeth are generally very strong, but dental health issues and injuries can cause permanent damage that interferes with everyday activities. When left untreated, damaged teeth often develop additional issues, such as infections. When left unfilled, missing teeth can cause long-term effects on overall oral health, such as the proper alignment of the teeth. Our dental team at Mindemoya Dental Centre is here to help restore your mouth to full function with beautiful, lasting dental restorations.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding material is a mouldable substance that your dentist can apply directly to a tooth or teeth to repair damage or reshape a tooth. After sculpting the material, it is hardened with a special light so it can support the natural tooth. This type of treatment is often the first step in minor tooth damage because it is minimally invasive, inexpensive, and cosmetically appealing. However, dental bonding doesn’t last as long as other restorative options (such as crowns or onlays), so your dentist will likely discuss more permanent or robust restorations in the future.

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent solution for tooth loss. In a dental implant, a titanium post is placed below the gums and integrates with the jaw bone. Once healed and integrated, this post mimics the structure of natural tooth roots, holding a false tooth securely in place. Although dental implants are typically more expensive and require more time to heal than other restorations (up to several months), some patients prefer them because of their permanency and natural look and feel.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a sturdy and appealing solution for tooth loss. When we construct a dental bridge, we attach a false tooth to the surrounding healthy teeth, which are known as abutment teeth. In some cases, we will use crowns on either side of the bridge to secure the suspended false tooth in place. The entire restoration can be made from porcelain or porcelain fused to metal, giving it a natural look that helps it blend into the rest of the teeth. Dental bridges typically take only a couple of weeks and two appointments at our dental office in Mindemoya.

Composite Dental Fillings

Dental fillings have been used as a preventative and restorative measure for two centuries, but throughout that time, the materials used to fill cavities have been changed out several times. Today, most fillings are made of a composite dental material that blends plastic and ceramic. This tooth-coloured, semi-translucent material is both durable and cosmetically appealing. Our dental office provides new composite fillings and can also offer replacement fillings for patients who wish to have their metal or amalgam fillings removed.


Removable dentures can be made to fit virtually any level of tooth loss, from partial losses to complete losses. Each denture is custom designed to fit your arches and made from durable material that is easy to clean. Dentures are held in place with suction, and when designed just for you, they stay securely in place while you eat, drink, talk, and smile. Our dental team has extensive experience in designing and fitting dentures for patients so that they can return to their usual activities with comfort and confidence.


Badly aligned and improperly spaced teeth can have a significant impact on your ability to chew, speak, and smile. Not to mention, your future oral health is at stake if your teeth are not in the correct positions or if your jaw is misaligned. There are many reasons the teeth become misaligned, from improper eruptions in the mouth to overcrowding. No matter what the underlying issue is, our experienced orthodontists can help you work toward straighter teeth and better overall oral health.

Young lady at an Orthodontic appointment at a Dentist in Mindemoya
Smiling Girl with braces provided by a dentist in Mindemoya

Traditional Orthodontics

Metal braces have been used for over two centuries to correct malocclusions (misalignments) of the teeth and jaws. Today, braces are far more minimalistic in style and effective at moving the teeth. Our experienced orthodontists use modern dental technology to assess your teeth and create a customized treatment plan. They can provide a convenient, comfortable, and affordable treatment that results in significant improvements to a patient’s overall quality of life. If your smile needs slight fine-tuning or significant modifications, book your next appointment with Mindemoya Dental Centre today!

Dental Guards & Dental Appliances

Although dental appliances can often be purchased at your local drugstore, many of our patients at Mindemoya Dental Centre prefer to have a customized dental appliance made to fit their mouths. While these options are more expensive, they offer long-term durability, comfort, and staying power, all of which result in a better experience.

A dental Guard,provided by a dentist in Mindemoya, held in the palm of a hand
Man placing dental night guard provided by a dentist in Mindemoya in mouth before sleeping

Night Guards

Nighttime teeth grinding (a condition known as bruxism) can be very damaging to the teeth, jaw, and mouth. Although it’s tough to tell if you grind your teeth at night, many patients will experience significant dental or oral pain in the morning, indicating that bruxism is present. Patients may also feel tired during the day due to disturbances in normal sleep cycles. Although bruxism can occur for a multitude of reasons, there is one simple fix that often provides complete relief: Dentist-created night guards. Made for a tight, comfortable fit, our night guards can help you get a full night of rest and offer relief from pain, symptoms, and further health issues.

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards keep your mouth and teeth protected from impact while you focus on your game. Our sports mouth guards are custom designed for you in a dental laboratory, offering you a mouth guard that won’t slip or get in the way while you play.
A dental Guard,provided by a dentist in Mindemoya, held in the palm of a hand

Dental Specialties

Mindemoya Dental Centre is pleased to offer referrals to accredited dental specialists. These specialists can often help prevent, diagnose, or treat complex or serious oral health issues. Their practices are often focused on a few specific types of diseases or conditions. Our dental team on Manitoulin Island provides referrals to trusted endodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Man receiving root canal from a dental specialist in Mindemoya


The term endodontist refers to a combination of the Greek words for “inside” (endo) and “tooth” (dontic). Endodontists study the inside of a tooth, a soft tissue called tooth pulp that is made up of blood vessels and nerves. When the tooth pulp becomes infected, endodontists will move often provide root canal procedures to remove the infection. They may also provide retreatments for teeth that have previously been treated with a root canal but have experienced reinfection.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons provide surgical treatments for a variety of simple and complex oral and facial conditions. Procedures can include the removal of tumours, wisdom teeth extractions, cleft palate and cleft lip surgery, bone grafting, dental implant surgery, trauma surgery, and surgical interventions for TMD (temporomandibular disorders, which affect the jaw) and snoring or sleep apnea. We can provide a referral for trusted oral surgeons for all of your family’s oral health needs.

Dentist in Mindemoya discussing dental treatment with patient using the latest technology

Dental Technology

We pride ourselves on maintaining a bright, modern, and fully up-to-date dental office in Mindemoya. The technology we use on a daily basis allows us to deliver better patient experiences and more in-depth dental care. In some cases, we use passive technology such as digital imaging equipment to diagnose and plan treatments. In other cases, we use dental technology directly in our treatments and procedures.

CBCT Scanner

The CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanner is a type of x-ray machine that allows us to take extremely detailed and comprehensive three-dimensional scans of the head and mouth. Using a minimal amount of radiation, CBCT scans can provide us with images of your teeth, bones, nerve pathways, and soft tissue. Due to the high level of detail they provide, they can be extremely useful in creating treatment plans for procedures such as dental implants, tooth extractions, and orthodontic treatments.

iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner is a painless imaging tool that captures photos of the inside of the mouth (without using radiation). The compact, hand-held wand is moved around inside the mouth to capture high-resolution, full-colour images of the teeth and gums. This tool allows us to show you detailed images of your mouth so we can give you better at-home oral hygiene instructions. It also helps us diagnose issues that are tough to see from outside the mouth and speeds up your dental examinations and treatments.

Dental Laser

Many procedures in dentistry involve very small and precise motions. Dental lasers allow us to achieve a great deal of precision when completing tasks such as making incisions in the hard and soft tissue of the mouth. Dental lasers also provide patients with a better overall experience, often reducing or eliminating pain and decreasing the required healing time.

Emergency Dentistry

Our dental clinic has been serving the Mindemoya community with emergency dental services for many years. We are committed to being available for patients when unexpected situations arise. Our dental team will do our best to accommodate last-minute and same-day emergency dental appointments. Reach out to us right away if you experience severe pain, bleeding, or oral, dental, or facial injuries. Our team of dental professionals will get you the help you need and walk you through any steps you should take in an emergency situation.

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